Announcement: New Convenor of the CLDG

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Jenna Sapiano has been appointed the new Convenor of the CLDG. Jenna has been a very faithful attendee at CLDG events since it was established by Silvia Suteu and I in October 2012, and has presented at the Group in the past, making her a central member of the CLDG ‘family’ since its inception.

With Jenna at the helm, the CLDG will no doubt continue to grow as one of the UK’s leading public law groups run by young scholars. It is certainly an interesting time for all those interested in constitutional matters, including scholars from a variety of disciplines including law, political science, international relations and other branches of the humanities.

Since the Group’s establishment we have debated and discussed constitutional transformations worldwide, from the ‘crowd-sourced’ constitution of Iceland, to the new Basic Law of Hungary in 2012, to the sweeping changes across the Arab world, new dialogic mechanisms in Latin America, constitutional legacies and possibilities in Southeast Asia and Africa, the Catalan and Scottish referendums, and the latter’s ignition of root-and-branch reform of the UK’s constitutional settlement, whose end-point is as yet unclear. We’ve delved into the past, revisiting the US Supreme Court in the ‘New Deal’ era and the post-war rise to centrality of the principle of human dignity. The role of constitutionalism and constitutional law has been unpacked and unpicked, from its constraint of counterterrorism to its accommodation of other normative sources, such as State religions, to its relation with international law and the meaning of post-national constitutionalism.

The success of the Group is a testament to the vibrancy and openness of the research community here at Edinburgh Law School, as well as its links to other schools in the University and universities and institutions worldwide. It has been a real pleasure to be Convenor for the past 3 years, with Silvia as Co-Convenor for the first 18 months. I am thankful to Prof. Stephen Tierney, who has been a great supporter of the Group from the beginning, as well as all of our sponsors, speakers, discussants, chairs and attendees. I look forward to seeing the next chapter unfold for the Group, and wish Jenna the very best in her new role.

Tom Gerald Daly

24 July 2015