Upcoming CLDG events

We have four great events coming up over the next two weeks.

Prof David KENNY, School of Law, Trinity College Dublin

A Right to Assisted Suicide in Ireland and Canada: The Promise and the Perils of Comparative Constitutional Law

26 April, 3pm Ken Mason Suite


Prof Gavin PHILLIPSON, Durham Law School

The Proposed ‘British’ Bill of Rights: Cosmetic or Substantive?

28 April, 4pm │ Rm 13A, 7 Bristo Square


Dr Katie BOYLE, University of Roehampton

Human Rights, Citizenship and Deliberating Constitutional Transitions: Scotland in a Changing UK and Europe

3 May, 3pm Rm 13A, 7 Bristo Square


Dr Tom Gerald DALY, Edinburgh Centre for Constitutional Law

The Democratic Recession and the ‘New’ Public Law: Toward Systematic Analysis

5 May, 3pm Rm 2.30, 15 Buccleuch Place