Dr Tom Daly Wednesday 6 December

Our last event for this semester seminar series will take place on Wednesday 6 December, 3-5 pm at Neil MacCormick Room.

Our former convenor, Dr Tom Daly, will be speaking on “Democratic Decay and Courts: part of the problem?”

Here is the abstract of his talk:

Democratic decay―that is, the deterioration of democratic rule falling short of full breakdown―is a rapidly evolving threat to democratic governance worldwide. In Poland, South Africa, Brazil, India, Japan, the US and beyond, democratic structures are not only under intense pressure from anti-democratic political forces, but also from longer-term social forces including declining public faith in democratic governance and rising support for illiberal, nativist and xenophobic political parties, movements and leaders. Courts in these contexts often tend to be painted in two ways: either as heroes or as captives, capable of standing up for democracy or acting merely as servants to an anti-democratic regime. This talk will argue that the picture is much more nuanced and that even independent courts can be part of the problem, focusing in particular on recent developments in Brazil and India.