Call for Presenters

The Constitutional Law Discussion Group (CLDG) at Edinburgh Law School aims to provide a structured forum for the discussion of topics relevant to constitutional law and theory. We hold fortnightly meetings, attended by doctoral students and staff, mainly from the law school, but also political science and other departments. The CLDG operates in association with, and with the support of, the Edinburgh Centre for Constitutional Law (ECCL).

Meetings of the CLDG typically last for one hour to 90 minutes, with the usual format a presentation of 30-45 minutes, followed by Q&A with the audience, and an informal reception. However, we are open to different formats, and have experimented with ‘dialogues’, open discussion, a one-day symposium, and ‘virtual’ meetings (e.g. Google+ hangouts).

If you would like to present, to informally discuss a possible presentation, or to be added to our mailing list, please contact us at

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