Past Speakers and Events

The CLDG has hosted a large number of speakers since its establishment in October 2012. The following are lists of speakers to date, in reverse chronological order:

  • ACADEMIC YEAR 2015/2016

Dr. Eoin Carolan – 8 December 2015
‘Journey to the Centre of the Separation of Powers’                                                   Co-Hosted by the Centre for Global Constitutionalism, University of St Andrews

Dr. Mike Wilkinson – 1 December 2015                                                               ‘The Reconstitution of Post-war Europe’

Dr. Mihaela Mihai –  17 November 2015                                                                    ‘Negative Emotion and Transitional Justice’

Dr. Mara Malagodi  3 November 2015                                                                   ‘A Refection on Nepal’s New Constitution (For Everything to Stay the Same Everything Must Change)’

Prof. George Williams  20 October 2015                                                           ‘Why is Australia Holding a Referendum to Recognise Aboriginal Peoples?’

Prof. Jason Mazzone – 6 October 2015                                                                     ‘The Rise and Fall of Human Rights Governance’

  • ACADEMIC YEAR 2014/2015

Prof. Stefano Civitarese – 26 May 2015
‘Breaking the Isolation: Italian Perspectives on the Dialogue between the ECJ and Constitutional Courts’

 Prof. Thomas Crocker – 12 May 2015
‘Identity, Freedom, and Constitutional Constraint’

Prof. Jessica Smith – 1 May 2015
‘Constitutional Rights in a High-Tech World: Re-Examining Criminal Defendants’ Rights in Light of Technological Change’

Prof. Alon Harel – 21 April 2015
‘Embracing the Tension between National and International Human Rights Law: The Case for Parity’
Co-hosted by the Legal Theory Research Group

 Dr Brian Christopher Jones – 24 March 2015
‘Preliminary Warnings on ‘Constitutional’ Idolatry’
Magna Carta 800th Anniversary Event

Ilaria di Gioia – 17 February 2015
‘When Liberty Subverts Federalism: Is Nullification of Federal Law Legitimate?’

Prof. Jeremy Waldron – 3 February 2015
Co-hosted by the Legal Theory Research Group

CLDG Outing: NLS Exhibition – 20 January 2015
‘Game of Crowns: The 1715 Jacobite Uprising’

Dr Lindsay Stirton – 15 December 2014
‘The Curious Origins of Judicial Review’

Dr Catherine Dupré – 9 December 2014
‘Human Dignity and Judicial Reasoning in European Constitutionalism’

Prof. James E Pfander – 25 November 2014
‘Non-Contentious Jurisdiction and Inquisitorial Judging in the Courts of the United States’

Asanga Welikala – 11 November 2014
‘Democracy v. Liberalism? ‘Comprehensive Pluralism’ as an Alternative Normative Foundation for the Plurinational State in the Global South’

Dr Jeff King – 28 October 2014
‘The Constitutional Concept of a Social State’

Dr Pau Bossacoma I Busquets – 14 October 2014
‘Constitutional Roads to Independence: The Problematic Catalan Case in the Light of the Scottish Experience’

Prof. Ted White – 1 October 2014
‘The Constitution and the New Deal’

Prof. Alessandro Torre – 23 September 2014
‘Constitutional Reform and Politics – the Italian Case’

  • ACADEMIC YEAR 2013/2014

Dr Paul Blokker – 3 June 2014
‘New Democracies in Crisis: Towards Illiberal and Away from Civic Constitutionalism?’

Dr Erin F. Delaney – 20 May 2014
‘Judiciary Rising? The UK Supreme Court and Theories of Judicial Empowerment’

Prof. Spyridon Flogaitis – 6 May 2014
‘The Rebirth of Public Powers in Europe, from the Roman Empire to the Creation of States’

Tom Gerald Daly – 22 April 2014
‘Democratisation Jurisprudence – Sketching the Contours of a Fledgling Concept’

Prof. Roberto Gargarella – 1 April 2014
‘Dialogic Constitutionalism and the System of Checks and Balances: Emerging Problems’

Symposium: ‘The UK Constitution – In Search of Constitutionalism’ – 20 March 2014
See the Symposium page for more information

Prof. Fiona de Londras – 18 March 2014
‘Constitutionalist Ruptures in the Contemporary Counter-Terrorist State’

Dr Rivka Weill – 4 March 2014
‘The New Commonwealth Model of Constitutionalism Notwithstanding’

Dr Conrado Hubner Mendes – 18 February 2014
‘Constitutional Courts and Deliberative Democracy’

Zaid Al-Ali – 12 February 2014
‘Constitutional Reform in the Age of Arab Revolutions: Overcoming the Legacy of Totalitarianism’

Silvia Suteu and Yaniv Roznai – 5 February 2014
PhD Dialogue: ‘Exploring the Eternal Constitution: Perspectives on Constitutional Entrenchment’

Dr Roshan de Silva Wijeyeratne – 14 January 2014
‘In Search of the Ancient Constitution in South and Southeast Asia: The Galactic Polity as Inspiration for the Constitutional Accommodation of National Pluralism in Postwar Sri Lanka’

Sindhyar Talpur – 10 December 2013
‘Creeping Sharia? Accommodating Islamic Laws into the Formal Law of Pakistan through Constitutional Provisions’

Jenna Sapiano – 27 November 2013
‘Peace Agreements and Constitution-making: Constituent Powers in Bosnia and Herzegovina’

Dr Tobias Lock – 19 November 2013 (Joint event with the Europa Research Group)
‘EU accession to the ECHR’

Dr Tamás Győrfi – 29 October 2013
‘Rethinking the Concept of Weak Judicial Review: Comparative Notes on the Commonwealth Model and Scandinavia’

Dr Daithí Mac Sithigh – 22 October 2013
Tread Softly because You Tread on My Dreams’: The 2013 Senate Referendum in Ireland’

Dr Harshan Kumarasingham – 15 October 2013
‘Eastminster: The Constitutional Legacy and Application of the Westminster System in South Asia’

Prof. Alberto López Basaguren – 27 September 2013
‘The Autonomy of the Basque Country and the Fate of Sovereignty’

  • ACADEMIC YEAR 2012/2013

Prof Thomas Crocker – 30 July 2013
‘Character, Identity, and Public Necessity in the American Constitution’

Shamiran Mako – 27 May 2013
‘The Making and Unmaking of Constitutionalism in Iraq: Historical Developments and Post-2003 Implications’

Carlo Colombo – 21 May 2013
‘Regions before the European Courts: Which Entities and Which Rationale?’

Prof Zoran Oklopcic – 7 May 2013
‘Matryoshkas in the Periphery, or, Should Constitutional Pluralism be Provincialized?’

Kajit (John Paul) Bagu – 23 April 2013
‘Plurinational Visions in Constitutional Discourse’

Dr Daithí Mac Sithigh – 9 April 2013
‘Official Language in the British Constitution’

Asanga Welikala – 19 March 2013
‘Fundamental Principles in Constitution-making in Democratic Transitions: The African, South Asian and Middle Eastern Experiences’

James Lowe – 12 March 2013
‘The Leveson Report: Pressing Down on a Free Press?’

Pablo Marshall – 19 February 2013
‘Pyrrhic Victories:  The Use of the Proportionality Test in Prisoners’ Disenfranchisement Cases’

Dr Cormac Mac Amhlaigh – 5 February 2013
‘What is a Bill of Rights For?’

Dr Elisenda Casanas Adam – 22 January 2013
‘Another Independence Referendum in 2014? Recent Developments in Catalonia and the Current Debate on its Constitutional Future’

Diogo de Sousa e Alvim – 4 December 2012
‘One Country, Two Systems: Constitutional Legitimacy in Hong Kong and Macau’

Tom Gerald Daly – 27 November 2012
‘A Constitutional Coup? Hungary’s New Basic Law’

Alex Latham – 20 November 2012
‘After Brighton: What is the European Court of Human Rights For?’

Silvia Suteu – 6 November 2012
‘Iceland’s Constitutional Referendum – Taking a Closer Look at Constitutional Reform in Progress’